Bike to Work Day


Bike to Work Day is nationally known as the third Friday in May that promotes biking as a favorable mode of transportation. Bike to Work Day for Coloradans is known as a Wednesday in late June that is hoped to be far enough into the summer that it won’t be cancelled due to weather that has the word bomb in the name. Regardless of the day it falls on, Colorado’s BTWD has the same mission: to use the event as a prompt commuters to accept bicycling as a favorable mode of transportation, to improve air quality, and to reduce road congestion.

According to Bicycle Colorado, 40% of all trips in the U.S. span less than two miles. Historically, my 1.94-mile trips to the grocery store were comfortably air-conditioned and filled with rants about other drivers being irresponsible. But then… I played host to a couch surfer that was traveling across the country via bicycle and after a healthy dose of self-shaming, I dusted off my own bike. Then I had to hold off a little longer for tire replacement and to have everything tightened. Biking with a load of groceries sometimes involves casualties in the form of eggs but it has been worth it for the fresh air, slight workout, and front row parking.

Bike to Work Day Denver boasted 80 stopping stations for bicycling commuters to gather. Remote stations were modest in size and provided the do-good bikers with essentials like water, breakfast, sunscreen, and smiles; with the ample number of commuters anticipated to travel through downtown Denver, Civic Center Park’s BTWD did not consider modesty to be virtuous. Nestled in among the free breakfast burritos, an enormous balloon, and your friendly neighborhood bomb-sniffing dog, DEVO’s stand stood - mostly. 

We proudly handed out bananas, oranges, and future-flowers (also known as seeds) to all who passed by and explained that while our DEVO has a great appreciation for music, we were in fact not the band. The upcoming project, Paint-A-Thon, was explained to passersby at record breaking speed, and as the morning went on, I gradually lost the articles and began talking in bullet points.


  • Volunteer project

  • Brothers Redevelopment partnership

  • Painting home exteriors

    • Persons with disabilities, low-income, elderly

  • August 10

  • Happy times

  • Good

Over the two and a half hours that DEVO’s table stood, the DEVO banner required a water bottle, phone, orange, and box of name tags to hold it in the proper, readable position. To be able to present DEVO for those 1500-ish beautiful-souled bicycling commuters at Civic Center Park, it was worth it.